still hunger

by Braille Illustrated

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Recorded from December to Christmas, mixed forever, and released as a gift for our family and friends. A limited number of physical copies will be available; let us know if you'd like one.


released December 25, 2010

Al Raymond - drums, crusts, and coffee
Adam Hurlburt - guitars, vocals, and tea selection
Devin Alexander - bass, vocals, computer
Ben Prewitt - guitar
Chelsea Haley - tea and patience

copywrite 2011 Gentle Edward Records
Recorded and produced by Braille Illustrated at Forceps.

Special thanks to Chelsea and her tea, and our families and friends who have supported us in our lives, regardless of venture.




Braille Illustrated Davenport, Iowa

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Track Name: G-Jam
Sometimes the beautiful aren't when they sleep
I know because I stare
This broken metaphor's lost on your vanity
But I know that you, you don't care

And when you wake up
I'll be gone
But you'll know just what it is you are
You're just one in an ocean

So many years I waste, watching you change
The you I knew fading away
And now your happiness in ruins lies
It's happy just to be alive
Track Name: Adam's New Song
Sweating, breathing, leave all your hopes behind
Come in, warm up, cause it's so cold outside
Keep your eyes open, you have to stay awake
Think of your future for once for Christ's sake

They won't take us alive
They won't take us alive

You're my beauty, the ache that will complete me
All that I've wanted is buried in your eyes
Track Name: Jazz Jam
There are no lights on, but someone's home
He lives to keep the brightness, out of his room
So he sleeps long hours, away from the sun
And takes in the evening sky as he runs

Follows shadows down the street
Thinks of ways that they could meet
Feels the street beneath his feet
But he's still at home and he's fast asleep

Wants to break a thousand hearts before he dies
Wants to see his true love fade in his eyes
So he paints his face this jester red
And wears his mask of loneliness
Track Name: Small Minds
Small eyes peer from window shades
Small minds fill up full of hate
Small homes never raise them right
Small hearts always have to fight

Little girls learn to play with dolls
Little boys learn to cry alone
Little dogs can try and guard your home
But they can never protect you from your own

I am the rain, tapping on your window
Drawing you outside
I am your pain, laughing terrible
Kissing your fever all away
Track Name: Whatever Makes You Feel Special
Keep on lying, keep on trying, keep on dying
We all know there's nothing to lose
His heart is broken, your backdoor's open
Does anybody around here want the abuse

You don't know just where you're going
You don't know just what you'll lose

And what'll you do
And what'll you say
And we would feel better if you go away

The sun is coming, the guns are humming
The bodies burning are the ones that you used to use
Just close your eyes now, turn all those lights out
And feel the pressure of the sun shining on you
Track Name: Wicker Liqueur
Oh you're such a big girl, aren't you?
Big decision revelation from the clear-blue
You don't see the imitation that's you
Life is just a picture I can see through

Driving home a show boat, no point, non-stop
Feeling like you own it but you really don't know
Can I take your coat, ma'am, maybe all your ego?
Yellow tags are stapled when we don't know where your things go

Feeling like a big girl, aren't you?
But you're still a baby, too true
Painting on the happy like a tattoo
Changed so much that it's not even still you
Track Name: Midwestern Living
Inside the corn belt, behind the picket fence
There burns a fire of empty adolescence
We have no calling, no place to go at night
It's midwestern living, and it sure isn't right

We drive for hours, bored out of our sun-soaked skulls
And we find nothing, and hence our anger pulls
It's midwestern living, american gothic tragedy
These shitty cities will be the end of me

The cops have nothing to do but hunt for us
They pushed me over but will they call my bluff
I'm going to kill, burn your trailer park to the ground
I'm coming for you and you won't hear a sound
Track Name: Stiletto Heels
Hands upon the wheel, face pressed up to the glass
Accelerator smashed, racing from his past
He thinks a man has to do, what a man really feels
So he swallows all excuses, and he wears stiletto heels

Tally Ho

As he pulls into the parking lot
On his brow a nervous sweat
Can a man still keep his courage up
While he's being whipped
Now the lights over the stage are set
They're suited up, and feeling real
As the music starts they start to dance
And he wears stiletto heels

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